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Magnistretch 12

Magnistretch 12

Imagine a Stretching Machine: a device that makes you lengthen and stretch, thus soothing tensions and pain. Now imagine that all this can occur in the gentlest, most painless way: while you sleep. Then imagine that all this is certified and proven by academic research.

Now, stop imagining. The Stretching Machine does exist.

Ladies & gentleman, welcome to the new era of stretching.

Loyal to its history, Magniflex has made another step forward towards an all-embracing concept of well-being, which starts from the bed and moves to all the other aspects of life.

Thanks to a long series of ergonomic tests developed with the Mechanical Engineering Department of Saragossa University, Magniflex has developed a mattress that can foster the elongation of the back spine and the stretching of the lumbar, dorsal and cervical vertebrae as well as of the legs. All this as a result of the action of inclined section layers which use the body weight and do “stretching“, thus soothing contractions and pain.

Particularly suitable for the sportsmen, Magnistretch is a mattress that can improve everybody’s well-being, because a relaxing massage ensures benefits not only to the athletes, but also to the deskbound ones.

  • Details

    Height: 12''
    Cover: Outlast®, Viscose
    Warranty: 20 years
    Certifications: OEKO, MADE IN ITALY
    Level of comfort: Medium soft
    Internal structure: Memoform, Magnifoam Elioform, Super Soft Fibre, Magnifoam Eliosoft
    Collection: Magnistretch
    Benefits: Thermo regulating, Extracomfort, Breathable, Stretching System
    Support: Medium
    Extra: Dual core Plate, World-class


    Twin XL-$250



    King/California King-$500

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