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Magnicool 3D Standard Pillow

Magnicool 3D Standard Pillow


MagniCool 3D Standard is a traditional shaped pillow. Due to its cooling and breathable fabric in MagniCool 3D, it gives a soft support that is always cool to the touch.

  • Specs

    • Cover

      The cool, thermo-regulating, and extremely breathable MagniCool 3D fabric has a greater ability to wick away moisture by increasing the pillow breathability. In addition, it is easily removable and washable.
    • Insulating sleeve

      Protects the inner core by increasing the pillow’s hygiene.
    • Interior

      The interior in Memoform is designed to react to the weight of the neck, head and shoulders, offering a pleasant feeling of lightness while you sleep.
    • Design

      The Airyform design of the pillow ensures perfect breathability and optimal dispersion of moisture and heat due to the air holes in the middle of the foam core.
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