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Highlands 100% Natural Talalay Latex Mattress

Highlands 100% Natural Talalay Latex Mattress

$1,898.00 Regular Price
$1,518.40Sale Price
When it comes to green mattress, there are eco-green, and then there are GREEN. At Seattle Mattress Company, we realized that 75% of the customers that walked through our door said the same thing. "We are here to look at the all natural (latex) mattresses". So we answered that demand with what we think is the greenest, most comfortable and longest lasting mattress you can find on the market. The Highlands. What other name could describe the luxury, comfort and forward thinking of this mattress?

When Latex is made it's made in one thickness. 6 inches. So when shopping for latex, keep in mind how thick the mattress is. More than 7" - 8" after it is covered means there's something added. We take the solid, pure, natural, botanical talalay latex core and upholster it with organic cotton. Oh, and that organic cotton fabric is tufted with 100% natural wool and latex! That's it!

Nothing added, altered or containing chemicals of any kind. We pair the firm density mattress with a topper made exactly like the mattress, just at a lower density and half as thick. The result? Sleeping on an all natural, non off gassing cloud that will support you, maintain it's shape, comfort and resiliency, and be your best nights sleep for two decades!

We upholster both sides of the mattress and topper so it can be flipped (even though you only need to for the fabric wear, meaning once or twice a year). As well there is no additional adhesives needed to glue the two together maintaining it's all natural status.

As well, after a couple decades when the topper needs replacing, that's all that needs replacing. The base mattress should still retain it's integrity for years to come.

The Highlands is our best selling mattress on our showroom with the least amount of exchanges and the highest customer satisfaction. It includes a 20 year non prorated full warranty.

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    Locally Made In Ballard
    20 Year Non-Prorated Warranty

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