Magniflex Uno Deluxe Adjustable Base

Magniflex Uno Deluxe Adjustable Base


The Magniflex Uno Deluxe Adjustable Bed Base offers everything you could ever ask for. Whether you’re looking for comfort, health benefits or technology integration, you will be more than happy with this adjustable base. The Uno Deluxe instantly makes your simple mattress into a fully adjustable bed. Complete with a wireless remote, LED lighting under the bed, and two USB charging ports.

This base can be used with all Magniflex, Tempur-Pedic, as well as our own Highlands 100% Natural Latex Mattresses.

 Check with the manufacturer to ensure your mattress is compatible with an adjustable base.


The Uno Deluxe Adjustable Bed Base features tubular steel construction and a heavy duty motor. With a 1,320 pound weight limit and a 20 year warranty, you can use this bed without worrying (even if all the kids and pets join you for the night). The clever construction of the Uno Deluxe makes it a wall hugger, so you don’t have to take up any extra space in your bedroom.

Adjustable headboard brackets are included should you choose to attach a headboard. This adjustable base has a LED light under the bed to prevent tripping during those midnight trips to the bathroom or the nursery. Simply press the light button on the wireless remote to turn it on. If you’re not a fan of remotes, you can download an app to control your bed via bluetooth. Two dual USB charging ports are discreetly located in the frame of the bed, so you can easily charge your phone at night (one located on either side of the bed).


Infinite positions are possible with this adjustable bed. Adjustments include head up/down, foot up/down, all up/down, zero gravity and flat. Simply use your remote or phone to move the bed into the ideal position. The headrest raises up to 68 degrees and the footrest can be raised to 38 degrees. You can even program your favorite positions so you can effortlessly find your favorite “spot”. The motor is unbelievably quiet, so you can adjust the bed without waking your sleeping partner.

For a little extra relaxation at the end of the day, use the head or foot massage settings. You also have the option of 10/20/30 minute massages. The vibrations will lull you right to sleep. We all work so hard – why not treat yourself a little at the end of the day?


  • Specs

    - Wireless / Bluetooth Remote
    - Dual Full Body Programmable Timed Massage
    - Deck on Rail Design
    - Wall Hugger
    - Preset / Programmable Position
    - German Engineered Heavy 1320 lbs
    - Tubular Steel Construction
    - Extras: LED Night Light / USB Charger / Emergency Power Down / LED in Remote
    - 20 Years Warranty

    Available in US only.