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Magnicool Gel 12

Magnicool Gel 12


MagniCool 12 Gel, from the MagniCool line, offers unparalleled coolness thanks to the innovative fabric and the inner layer in Magnigel, which promote air circulation and keep the microclimate between body and mattress constant. A plush comfort with a 12” profile.

  • Specs

    • Cover

      The MagniCool cover, cool and temperature-regulating, has a greater ability to wick away moisture, maintaining a perfect microclimate during sleep for a sensation of coolness and freshness that lasts all night.
    • Padding

      The quilted Memosoft, combined with the Super Soft fiber padding, offers an enveloping comfort, adapting to your body contours.
    • Comfort

      The layers in Magnigel (2”) and Memoform (1”), offer a super plush and cool comfort that will embrace you all night long.
    • Core

      The layer in Eliosoft (7”), due to its foam composition with a high-density cell structure, gives a gentle support that helps keep the spine aligned.
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