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ORGANIC, Natural LATEX, Eco-Friendly & Healthy Mattresses
For You and Our World!

At Seattle Mattress, we respect the health of our customers, our community, and our environment - and we heard you! Due to overwhelming customer demand, we have committed over 25% of our showroom floor to the Seattle Mattress Green Collection.

Our Own SMC Brand - Solid, Natural
Talalay Latex Mattress Options

Talalay Latex Solid Natural Eco-Friendly Mattress!100% Pure, Natural, Talalay Latex mattresses are simply one of the healthiest, most supportive & comfortable, long-lasting sleep surfaces you can buy! Click here to read our blogpost, "What's So Special About a Talalay Latex Mattress?"

The main difference between one of our Latex mattresses and "other" Latex mattresses is that we use a SOLID CORE of NATURAL Talalay Latex - no glues, no clays, no fillers and no layering with other foams of any kind - this solid, uncompromised state is the reason why we can confidently offer our Latex mattress products with FULL 20-year NON-prorated warranties. The latex is 100% Pure, Natural, Botanical, Talalay Latex that is Organically grown.

And because we make them ourselves, we can offer them at low factory-direct prices! We sell our basic "Highlands" Latex Mattress Set in a Queen for just $1749 - and you know you can spend alot more than that on a 10-year, traditional Innerspring mattress that may or may not include a couple of inches of Latex. With no significant "dips or valleys" forming, no harmful off-gassing, and naturally anti-microbial; our solid, natural Talalay Latex mattresses are actually cheaper in the long run!

to read all about our
SMC Brand Talalay Latex Mattresses

Both our Talalay Latex & Magniflex Mattresses in our Eco-Friendly
Green Collection are certified environmentally healthy & non-toxic
by an International 3rd party company, Oeko-Tex!


Magniflex Organic Foam & Memory Foam MattressesLocated outside of Florence, Italy - Magniflex International is 1 of 2 mattress brands on our floor not locally produced in Washington State, but they do fullfill a demand to offer more environmentally-friendly mattress options. However, it is also a standing joke here at the store that "we can sell them" because the mother of our owners is 100% Italian, complete with the thick accent & attitude - and there is nothing wrong with "supporting the Mother Country". Magniflex is Italy’s #1 mattress manufacturer and one of Europe’s top. Their philosophy is simple – create a mattress with minimal to no carbon footprint – healthy for the consumer and the environment!

Magniflex has patented their own unique proprietary blends of foams & memory foams – with NO OFF-GASSING or ANY allergenic or negative affects on humans or the environment. Using food oils like Aloe Vera & Castor Oil instead of all Petroleum – Magniflex is THE BEST RANKED Eco Mattress in the world! These beautiful mattresses come with a 15-Year manufacturer's warranty. The Magniflex mattress options on our showroom floor start at just $999 for a Twin mattress to $2799 to $3,499 for a King.

Because our memory foam beds are made with ORGANIC food oils
instead of Petroleum, they have a very open-cell structure
that breathes - so they sleep cooler with minimum to no off-gassing!

EcoMemory Foam Organic Memory Foam Mattress!Our EcoMemory Foam mattresses are the most like a "Tempur-Pedic" Memory Foam mattress with 2 exceptions: 1) They are largely made with organic, plant-based food oils, using alot less Petroleum than traditional Memory Foam - so they naturally breath and sleep cooler, plus; 2) They cost alot less - $799 for a Twin mattress to $1999 for a King Set!

These beautiful mattresses are covered in Bamboo fabric and have optional matching pillows! EcoMemory Foam mattresses are proudly made in California, USA - and they are guaranteed to be a "green processed product", environmentally sustainable and produced with zero emissions into the atmosphere. If you like Memory Foam, you'll love these mattresses!

Therapedic ALWAYS puts quality into all their beds,
and the Kia is no exception...

THERAPEDIC's "Kia" Mattress
Natural Handtufted Cotton & Wool

Therapedic Topaz Value MattressTherapedic's "Kia" mattress is the best of old-time charm & quality! This 100% all-natural cotton & wool mattress includes a firm Innerspring coil and is handtufted with cotton batting & wool layers.

The Kia mattress starts at $599 for a Twin mattress to $1449 for a King Set - add the cotton & wool topper for an extra-cozy bed!